5 Tips to Getting Yourself Moving Again!

Inertia. The term itself sounds like an illness. No, it is not a real sickness, but it is one metaphorically. Inertia is the reluctance or disinclination to movement, action, or change. Inertia may sap our energy, rob our lives of joy, and make us terrible to be around for those of us who are stuck in a work we despise. The following five recommendations will assist you in making the required changes to overcome your lethargy.

Update your resume.

Yes, you read correctly. Most certainly, one of the accusations is that your résumé is terribly out of date. Take it out, review it, and make the necessary modifications. Ask yourself, “Am I satisfied with my most recent accomplishments?” Most likely not!

Begin to dream.

You have undoubtedly previously envisioned yourself working outside of your current occupation. Now is the moment to imagine your objectives. Is this a career shift? Do you desire employment with the opposition? Do you wish to launch your own company? Create a list of your goals and objectives and begin exploring your choices.

Expand your network of friends and acquaintances.

The likelihood is that the individuals you associate with “enable” you to remain in your unhappy work. If this is the case, you should broaden your peer network and begin spending time with new individuals who have innovative ideas and will not hold you back. Positivity will propel you ahead, whilst negativity is a sure impediment.

Set concrete goals.

The statement, “I want a new job next year,” is not a specific objective. Plan your “exit plan” from your present position and your “entry strategy” for your next position. Include all the actions you will need to take to obtain a new job, such as a revamped CV, new clothing, weight loss/management, and career counseling.

Get fired.

Not really, no. However, if you lose your job in the interim, consider it a blessing in disguise. Sometimes we require a push to make the difficult decisions we loathe or fear. You may always “fire yourself” by establishing a deadline for leaving your current employment. Declare to yourself, “This position has finished,” and be prepared to relocate.

You have complete power over your inertia and must determine what to do about it. It is time to progress. You are aware of it; you truly are.

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