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How to Stay Away from Cyberbullying

Everyone has been there, you’ve seen the bullying done by someone in person that has left a permanent mark on you and changed your life forever. Then you wonder, is there a way to deal with this bully and keep yourself safe?

Online bullies are becoming more common, and with technology like the Internet and instant messaging, the impact of a bully or victim can be more negative and have more of an impact.

Know that there is support available if you or someone you know is experiencing cyberbullying. Some advice on how to handle and avoid cyberbullying is as follows:

1. Do not respond

A bully will only get the kind of attention they seek if you respond with them, which is exactly what they want from a response. Ignoring them is the best course of action. Do your best to ignore them, and if you must respond, keep it brief and polite. Stop arguing and calling each other names. Worsening matters even worse.

2. Save the evidence of bullying

You should keep all evidence of cyberbullying if you are experiencing it. Examples include printouts of hateful tweets, emails, or status updates from social media. If you decide to report the bullying to a parent, teacher, or the police, this proof can be useful.

3. Block Them

One of the finest things to do if you’re being bullied online is to block the bully. By doing this, you’ll prevent them from using that channel to get in touch with you. Use the site’s blocking options if you feel you need to.

4. Tell About Bullying to a Trusted Person

Telling an adult you trust about cyberbullying is crucial. Someone close to you, such as a parent, teacher, friend, or family member. They can lend you a helping hand and encouragement while you work through the issue.

5. Report the Bullying

Reporting cyberbullying to the authorities or the site where it is occurring is another option. This can aid in putting an end to the bullying and possibly lead to retribution for the perpetrator.

Although cyberbullying is an extremely severe issue, support is available for those who need it. Don’t keep it to yourself if you or someone you know is being targeted by cyberbullies.

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