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Everything About Wigs: The Good, The Bad And The Ridiculous

Some folks wear wigs every day to hide thinning hair or baldness caused by disease, while others buy wigs to vary their style or create a dramatic look for a special occasion. No of your motivations for donning a wig, you should know a few things before investing.

Wigs can be found in a wide price range, from dirt cheap to ridiculously pricey. When getting a wig or hairpiece, the adage “you get what you pay for” is typically accurate. Your wig will be of greater quality the more money you spend on it. A high-quality hairpiece will also be more adaptable and look good for longer.


How you want to put your new wig to use is perhaps the most critical consideration when figuring out how much to spend on it. It’s possible you may get away with a low-quality wig if you only plan to wear it on rare occasions. However, most low-priced wigs are constructed with synthetic hair, making it extremely difficult to produce a seamless blend with your real hair or a colour match. Low-quality hairpieces used in cheap wigs also lack delicate wefting. If you aren’t careful, the wig will look like a baby doll since more hair was sewn into one weft than the others.

Consider your prefered hairstyle and other factors before purchasing a cheap wig. Heat styling products such as straighteners and curling irons cannot be used on synthetic hair. With a low-priced wig, your styling and replacement options will be constrained.

Given these limitations, a natural-hair wig is your best bet, particularly if you wear a wig daily. Even though this hairpiece is pricier than usual, it is made from actual hair and can be styled, coloured, and curled just like your own hair. Natural hair wig hairpieces also look more natural in direct sunlight and in specific lighting conditions compared to synthetic hair wigs.

However, there is a huge range of pricing for wigs made from natural hair. Hair quality, hair length, and the level of craftsmanship put into making the hairpiece all have a role in the final pricing. You get what you paid for, yet again.

Look for lightweight and well-woven hairpieces if you intend to wear your wig every day. The wig should be permeable, allowing air to reach your scalp. This is for both your ease and the health of your hair. Wearing a wig that is too small or too tight might cause your scalp to become irritated and eventually bald.

So, look through your alternatives thoroughly before settling on a wig. If you get a high-quality wig today, you might not have to buy another one for a long time, which can be significant cost savings.

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