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6 ways to make your Facebook account more secure

1) Safeguard your profile image

On social media, your profile image serves as the primary means of identification. Unfortunately, anybody can establish a phony Facebook account using your name and profile photo.

Facebook has created the ‘Profile picture guard’ tool to prevent this from happening. Instead of clicking ‘Update profile image,’ open your Facebook profile and click the current profile photo. When the profile photo opens, click on the choices at.

2) Make your acquaintances authenticators.

If Facebook detects an unrecognized login or hacking attempt, your account will be locked, and you will be unable to access it. Previously, regaining access to your account was a lengthy and challenging procedure, but Facebook now allows you to designate up to five trusted friends who can assist you in regaining access. Select at least three friends by navigating to Settings > Security and login > Choose friends to contact.

3) Be aware of the devices you use

Facebook displays a section titled ‘Where you’re logged in’ under Settings > Security and Login. This section displays a list of all the devices (computers, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) on which you have signed into your Facebook account. Remove any devices you cannot identify or no longer have access to. If you are uncertain about the health of certain devices, we recommend that you log out of all sessions and log back in. This will guarantee nobody else.

4) View all of your data

When you access your Facebook account settings, you will see a new menu option on the left titled “Your Facebook information.” Facebook has centralized access to your whole profile on a single page. You may browse and download information about yourself organized by category (posts, images, comments, likes, etc.). This tab also allows you to examine and modify your activity log and decide which of your actions are displayed on your friends’ timelines.

5) Handle your Facebook information

The Facebook Information page also has a link labelled “Manage your data.” When you use this tool, you must decide whether you wish to manage Facebook or Instagram data. You have advanced control over how and where Facebook uses your information. You may modify your location information, upload contacts, facial recognition settings, ad preferences, and other options.

6) Manage all third-party logins

The majority of websites and applications allow you to log in with your Facebook account rather than create a new account. While this simplifies matters, we frequently forget to withdraw Facebook access for these third-party apps and websites when we no longer employ them.

Go to Settings > Websites and apps. You will get a list of all the applications and websites that currently have access to your Facebook account. You may choose the applications you wish to remove from the list and erase any postings that an app or website may have published on your behalf.

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