How to turn negative into positive thoughts

Have you ever desired a parking spot close to the mall’s entrance but ended up towards the beginning of the parking area? I’m sure the notion “I probably won’t locate a close parking spot” has crossed your head several times.
So you got what you requested. The term “won’t” is a negative mental association. A so-called negative statement. You probably encounter more of these throughout your lifetime. You would prefer a finer home or automobile, but circumstances do not improve. Let me describe how the mind functions. Our mind is the most incredible hard drive imaginable. There are billions of conceivable brain connections. Every time you think or observe anything, your brain encodes the event with an unrecognised sound, odour, emotion, or other sense. Occasionally, when you hear a sound, that incident is replayed in your mind. This sound is known as an anchor. Likewise, scent is an anchor. Every time you smell a certain odour associated with an event, you are reminded of those memories.

We can utilise these anchors constructively. We must comprehend that the mind does not detect negative words that are comparable to “not.” For example, if you say, “I will not be late,” you are demonstrating a negative connotation. Your mind will register the thought, “I’ll be late.” Consequently, you will arrive precisely in time for your appointment.

Therefore, positive affirmations such as “I will be on time” and “I have a parking spot near the door” are the best method to utilise our minds. Believe me it works. Nine times out of 10, I am able to find parking near to my destination. When I lack such room, it is because I did not anticipate requiring one at all or in sufficient quantity.

Positive thinking is comparable to physical exercise. The more you practise, the better you get. Ignore the bad idea or feeling that comes to mind. Say “Next” after each of these negative ideas. Stay focused on your goals. Consider opportunities rather than problems. Utilize positive affirmations such as, “I feel more safe every day” and “I am emotionally balanced.”
Another day of perfection for me.

Start thinking positively immediately!

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