Hey! Your Skin is Begging for Your Attention

You’ve undergone bariatric surgery to help you lose weight, and now you feel great, can get more exercise, and can wear the latest styles confidently. On the other hand, you’ve noticed that your skin is unusually dry.

Those who have suffered from acne or oily skin in the past will be relieved to hear that their complexion has improved and that their skin now produces less oil. But for some who already had normal to dry skin, this newfound extreme dryness might be a problem, if not a downright pain due to itching and flaking.

One common issue for those who have undergone surgery is the development of dry skin. Insufficient fluid intake is a major contributor, though not the only cause. In all probability, since a bariatric patient has stopped eating fatty, fried, and greasy meals, whatever acne or oily skin may have existed before the diet change is gone. This is welcome news for those who have suffered from acne or oily skin. But the resulting dryness might be uncomfortable for some who already had skin that was normal to dry before surgery.

The skin is the body’s biggest organ. It’s an adaptive and breathing covering that keeps our bones, muscles, and internal organs safe and secure. The skin not only acts as a protective barrier but also perspires, absorbs, and registers experiences. We must maintain it to serve us well for the foreseeable future.

Lotions, both for the hands and the body, are quick fixes that come in a variety of forms, from the bare minimum to vitamin-infused creations. Small sample sizes of these products are available, so you may try out a few and see which ones help your skin the most. If you’re unsure whether a product will work for your skin, start with the least amount possible to avoid wasting money. When you finally locate the hand or body lotion that works best for you, make a note of where you bought it so you can restock; you’ll want to use it every day. You should always bring some hand lotion with you, as you will use it multiple times a day, most likely after each time you wash your hands. Because soap and running water are so abrasive, hand washing can cause significant dryness. Even when you wash them frequently, the dry air might make it difficult to pick up even a small piece of paper.

I think it’s a good idea to use bath salts at least twice a week in addition to lotion (which you should use daily). You may give your dry skin the extra TLC by taking a long, relaxing bath with some bath salts. The skin absorbs the softness of the bath salts in the same way that fabrics absorb fabric softeners. Bath salts are especially beneficial for those who spend much time in chlorine pools, as they help restore the skin’s natural pH balance. The revitalising effects of bath salts are long-lasting and noticeable to the touch. Loose crystals or solid forms that dissolve in hot water are both types of bath salts. The crystals are my go-to because you can easily adjust the concentration to your liking. If you’re looking for the bare minimum, plain Epsom salts will do the trick, but you can also find bath salts that are coloured and perfumed for a more luxurious experience.

Remember the lips! Their postoperative dryness is a problem for them as well! Apply a high-quality, hydrating product. Medicated lip balms contain specific therapeutic medicines that will take immediate effect to stop the cracking and burning of problem lips. Lip balm is a year-round necessity because exposed lips suffer in the cold, heat, wind, and sun.

When choosing a sunscreen for outdoor use, look for one that can effectively shield your skin from the sun and hydrate it.

After surgery, your skin will require the same level of care and attention you never gave it before. The number of “touching” contacts you have will increase as individuals seek to express their joy and congratulations to you physically. Use luxurious skin care products to make the experience softer for yourself and those around you.

After surgery, taking care of your skin should become as usual as drinking enough fluids. This will make your skin feel healthier, look more luminous, and help you look younger. Keep surprising people with your progress towards a healthier body and mind. Keep in mind that hugs are on the way!

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