8 Greatest Fears to Achieving Transformation Success

Have you ever struggled to maintain a simple promise to yourself? Sure. Almost everyone I know has been “stuck” at some point in their lives—wanting to accomplish something but not doing it.

So why don’t we do some of the things we want to or know we should do, such as improve our health and grow a stronger body?

Assume you keep putting off starting a new workout regimen. You may even envision what it would mean to you: a solid, muscular, healthy physique; an abundance of energy; renewed confidence and sex appeal… You still don’t do it. So why are you putting it off? What’s holding you back from taking those first steps?

Consider the following…

My opinion is that our brains prefer to focus on the hurdles that stand between where we are now and where we want to be or who we want to become first. As soon as you start thinking about getting a new body, your mind starts making excuses for why you can’t. As a result, we practically immobilize ourselves before we can take any action.

And as your mind begins to fill with all the potential roadblocks to reaching your newfound objective, your drive to even attempt is shattered.

But what if all of the impediments were removed?

Consider this: if whatever was preventing you from striving to construct your finest physique suddenly evaporated, you’d have nothing to fear, right?

What if I taught you how to take those roadblocks and quickly change them into success techniques… Would you consider starting or continuing your new (or present) exercise regimen at that point?

“… we have the option of transforming the conditions that oppose us into precise judgments and activities that will bring us to our objectives.”

The fact is that we have the ability to change adverse situations into precise judgments and activities that will lead us to our desired outcomes. True empowerment that you can put to use!

Allow me to explain…

The Revolutionary Method
So, how can we overcome our concerns, crush those barriers, and turn those roadblocks into methods for reaching our fitness goals? Allow me to introduce you to the Breakthrough Technique, which is actually pretty easy. I’ve chosen the eight most dreaded hurdles that might stand in your way of success and followed them with a very particular success approach to help you blow past them and attain your fitness and physique development objectives.

Are you prepared? Let’s get this party started!

First and foremost, I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME.
Believe it or not, those who reach remarkable levels of success have days exactly like ours. They have duties, such as jobs, friends, and family. And, let’s face it, we all have the same amount of time—the same 24 hours. Nonetheless, some people find the time to include exercise in their daily routine on a regular basis.

So, how do they manage it? It’s simple—they make it. You can quickly generate time if you start planning, planning, and planning some more. That requires arranging your days at least a day ahead of time, and often even a week ahead of time. Making a list of your daily “to-dos” and schedule when you’ll exercise is one of the greatest time-management tactics. (This is a typical problem—we forget how crucial it is to make time for ourselves to exercise.)

Then, split your “to-dos” into things you need to accomplish and things you want to do, so you don’t mix urgency with importance. Getting to the gym is crucial, although getting a haircut may feel urgent when you’re running late, it can easily be postponed. And, before you do anything, consider what else you might be doing that would be more productive.

PLAN AHEAD is the first successful strategy. Making the time to work out is simple! Plan your days ahead of time by making action lists of the most critical tasks to complete each day.

Undertake you have no idea what exercises to do to get the most out of your workouts? Not sure what to eat or when to consume it to help you gain muscle and lose fat? Supplements, on the other hand, might be downright perplexing!

That’s reasonable given the sheer number of strategies offered by so many “fitness gurus.” So, who can you rely on for advice? It has the potential to paralyze. So, instead of attempting to filter through all the (mis)information, stop right now and refrain from following every workout theory or diet fad. But this doesn’t sound like it’ll help us, does it?

So, how do you go about finding the answers? It’s simple: imitate other people’s success. Try our free programmes like Maximum Growth, the Lean System Success Plan, or the 21-Day Energy Plan, for example.

The most important aspect of success is that it leaves clues, and if we pay attention, we can pick up those signals and imitate the actions and behaviours to achieve comparable outcomes. Find people who have attained the sort of amazing success you want to pursue, whether in person or in a magazine, and learn what they accomplished. It’s simply that simple.

“You will have comparable success if you follow an established method to exercise, nutrition, and supplementation.”

STUDY A SUCCESSFUL FORMULA—AND FOLLOW IT—FOR SUCCESS. Seek for someone who has attained the “exceptional” outcomes you seek and learn from their “winning” behaviours. You may attain comparable results if you stick to a tried-and-true regimen of exercise, nutrition, and supplements.

Do you feel invigorated, powerful, and ready to face the day every morning? Or do you wake up fatigued as the night before, resenting the fact that a fresh day has arrived so quickly? Do you worry that your present energy levels will prevent you from participating in a fitness program?

This is an excellent example of the perceived problem—your lack of energy to exercise—turning out to be the eventual solution. We may assume we are too tired to exercise, but the truth is that we lack energy merely because we do not exercise!

It has been scientifically shown that adding exercise to our daily life provides us with greater energy. Moderate exercise can even help us sleep better at night, allowing us to wake up refreshed.

How else can you increase your energy levels?

We experience an immediate influence on our energy levels if we eat ourselves adequately balanced protein- and carbohydrate-rich meals. The more we stick to our favored eating pattern, the better we feel overall. Feeding our bodies every two to three hours throughout the day ensures that we have a steady, consistent supply of nutrients that we need to be more energetic.

Success Strategy #3: IMPROVE YOUR ENERGY. Exercise and good nutrition play an important part in our energy levels and allow us to operate at our best on a daily basis.

Goals are the result of having a clear picture of what you desire. Knowing you want to construct your ideal physique is a good start, but you need something more—a statement that is so powerful that it practically draws you in the direction of its attainment, like a magnet.

So you’re not sure how to develop successful goals? If it describes you, don’t worry; everyone begins off this way… To truly establish successful fitness goals and guarantee they are met, you must master what I call the S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting approach. This strategy will not only help you define the most effective objectives, but it will also help you focus your efforts on exactly what you want to achieve.

The acronym S.M.A.R.T. stands for:

Explicit—you must be very specific about what you intend to do, writing your objective in the present tense. That implies beginning your goal statement with “I am in the process of…”
Measurable—how can you quantify a “better shape” or a “slimmer waist”? You just cannot. So choose a certain figure as your target (e.g., 10 percent body fat, a 33-inch waist, or a size six).
Action-oriented—you must be able to build an action plan of what you need to accomplish to succeed.
Practical—consider whether your objective is realistic while still stretching you, given your expectations and timescale.
Time-conscious—a deadline compels us to prioritize it and puts positive pressure on us to meet it.
TRANSFORM YOUR FITNESS GOALS FOR SUCCESS. Using the S.M.A.R.T. approach will guarantee that you’ve created an effective and commanding objective that will not only define your route to success but will also compel you to accomplish it.
The physical metamorphosis that occurs on the exterior (your body) is a metaphor for the mental (inner) transformation that occurs on the inside. You see, your selected program should not only improve the way you appear, but it should also transform the way you feel about yourself.

“…your selected programme should not only transform the way you appear, but it should also change the way you feel about yourself.”

When we buy the next miraculous medication, exercise gadget, or eight-minute answer, we are just skipping the process of actual transformation and looking for a short fix. This is simply addressing the symptoms rather than the reasons. It has no effect on our self-esteem, confidence, or personal strength.

Let me tell you a little secret that will save you time, money, and frustration: this strategy will never work. When you try this sort of “magic bullet” technique, you will never feel truly fulfilled. Unless you start from inside, you’ll end yourself exactly back where you started, only more frustrated.

We must challenge ourselves to discover a holistic answer that incorporates some very important parts, such as adequate diet and supplements, aerobic and weight-training activity, and, most importantly, developing our inner selves, and our thoughts.

Your selected program should assist you with setting demanding objectives, transforming old, self-defeating ideas into new, powerful beliefs, and transforming your habits so that you are consistently creating outcomes that get you closer to your goals.

Remember that you cannot change a lifetime of bad behaviors in a handful of days. It takes time—at best, a couple of months. Rest certain that using a solution that allows you to first alter your insides and subsequently your outsides is a sure-fire way to achieve long-term success.

5th Success Strategy: TAKE AN INSIDE-OUT APPROACH. To effectively alter your physique and reach your fitness objectives, first focus on raising your self-esteem and confidence before focusing on your body, and you’ll be more likely to achieve exceptional results that will last a lifetime.

I CAN’T STAY COMMITTED, which is Obstacle #6.
There is a significant distinction between intentions and conduct. And the difference is dedication.

Even at the most difficult moments, our dedication to our goals propels us to success. Motivation and commitment have a direct link. And, if you’re truly determined to make a change today, the only way to make it happen is to instill a feeling of urgency.

You may do this by attaching compelling and strong reasons why you must follow through. So, ask yourself the following questions right now and come up with at least three very convincing reasons why you must commit to your transformation objectives.

What would it cost me if I don’t make a change right away?
What has this cost me in terms of my health, physical fitness, self-confidence, and energy levels thus far?
How will I feel about myself if I make a change now?
What effect will this have on my life?
“How would this benefit me?”
Your responses to these questions will help you understand what you’re devoted to and why!

IDENTIFY YOUR REASONS (Success Strategy #6) Make your reasons for wanting to change so compelling that you become fully dedicated to reaching your fitness objectives.

When the prospect of achieving our objectives appears daunting, the first temptation is to quit up before we even begin, further eroding our self-confidence. That is correct. We won’t be able to acquire confidence until we take action. However, we do not wish to take action until our confidence levels are adequately boosted. Do you see the “catch”?

Consider the scary hurdle of completing your complete fitness objective in a single enormous step. Isn’t that a bit paralyzing?

“… in order to acquire confidence, you must divide your fitness objective into quantifiable steps.”

That is why, in order to acquire confidence, you must break down your fitness objective into quantifiable stages. For example, if you intended to lose 12 percent body fat in 12 weeks, you might easily set your increments at one percent every week. This way, you don’t have to focus on the full objective at once, nor do you notice all you haven’t done; instead, you may concentrate exclusively on the smaller, manageable tasks ahead. This offers you a fantastic sense of accomplishment and control. Every step along the way, you’re gaining confidence.

Despite the ups and downs in progress, you will begin to feel more secure as you reach the conclusion of the first couple of weeks of your fitness program. You will be determined to go one step further and make the effort to finish your fitness program and achieve your best physique.

As your fear fades, you will discover fresh confidence. And, most of all, you will have accomplished something you previously thought was impossible—one step at a time.

MEASURE YOUR PROGRESS (Success Strategy #7). Only by quantifying your development from where you started can you achieve success (backward). This way, you’ll always have a sense of success, and you’ll gain confidence with each step.

So you’re looking for something to get you out of bed in the morning and keep you going throughout the day?

One method is to constantly “see” what you want to become by choosing a photo of someone’s physique you want to copy (usually in your favorite fitness magazine), cutting it out, and hanging it somewhere you’ll see it repeatedly throughout the day. You might also use the photo to put out your reasons for wanting to reach this objective.

By constantly visualizing the physique you want to obtain, you will be directing your mind toward the fulfillment of these goals. This ongoing source of inspiration serves as a reminder of your goals. Bringing concentration to the core of your consciousness is what it is termed.

FIND AN INSPIRATION FOR SUCCESS #8. Find your inspiration, someone who has transformed his or her physique and life from ordinary to amazing, and utilize them as daily fuel. Look for motivation in our Success Stories, such as David Silbaugh, Marina Popelka, and Mark Harden, who each achieved their goals and are now assisting others in doing the same.

Last thoughts
Remember that getting a great body does not happen in a straight line. That is not how life works. But now that you’ve discovered the technique of converting literally any difficulty into a stepping stone to your achievement, you may get the fitness and physique results you’ve always wanted.

By committing to transforming these once-daunting hurdles into effective success techniques, you will begin to see incredible gains in your body and, eventually, attain your fitness objectives.

If there are any more hurdles I missed, please email me (at, and I will gladly assist you in developing a successful strategy to overcome them.

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