How Do You Define Success?

“Success does not originate from spontaneous combustion. You must put yourself on fire.”
Robert H. Glasow

This is an excellent quote. It is not only intriguing but also motivating.

As a teacher and coach, one of the things I find most aggravating is that many individuals assume that success in whatever subject they are pursuing is comparable to winning the lottery. In fact, it appears from the facts that they feel success is even more random since they do not purchase a lottery ticket. They are only waiting passively.

If you listen to people converse, you won’t hear many people express this view of success, but if you see what people are actually doing – or failing to accomplish – you will immediately understand what I mean.

They want to be wealthy, at the top of their job, in a happy marriage, with excellent children and be respected in their community, among other things. However, how do they attain this success? Are they working diligently and intelligently toward their financial objectives while living frugally? Are they continually striving and growing at work? Are they expressing their partner affection, courtesy, tolerance, and generosity? Are they spending time with their children while also demonstrating how to be a good person and be kind and understanding? Do they consistently demonstrate that they are a value to their community by being excellent neighbors in every meaning of the term?

To attain success in these areas, we are all aware that we must complete these chores as instructed. Likely, I overlooked something as well. I am barely a success model in every field. I would classify myself as average to above average. {g} I am not wealthy, but I am able to pay my expenses and provide for my family’s basic needs, plus a little extra, without undue worry. My superiors, coworkers, and subordinates, as well as those I serve professionally, believe that I am doing a decent job. While my marriage is in decent health, I am aware that I could absolutely invest more time and effort into it. I believe I have a wonderful child yet recognize my shortcomings as a mother. I give to my community, perhaps not as much as I could or should.

How do you define achievement?

Is it money, a profession, love, marriage, family, friendship, or respect?

Regarding success, I place an emphasis on love. How many lives am I able to affect? How numerous hearts? Who has been positively affected by my existence? I hope that people would judge me to be a nice person and that if I were to die tomorrow, there would be widespread grief.

If we truly desire this accomplishment, we shall burn ourselves ablaze. We will not anticipate sudden combustion.

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