Know About the Different Seat Classes of Indian Railway

With its extensive rail network connecting the vast expanse of India, Indian Railways is known for its diverse classes of seats catering to different budgets and comfort levels. Exploring the spectrum of classes available can help passengers make informed decisions when planning train journeys.

In this blog post, we will talk about the various classes of seats on Indian Railways, providing an overview of the features, amenities, and overall experience offered by each class.

Whether you’re a budget-conscious traveller or seeking a luxurious journey, understanding the options will enable you to choose the right class for your needs.

General Overview of Classes

Indian Railways classifies its seats based on comfort levels and prices, ensuring that there is an option for every traveller. From the most economical to the most luxurious, each class provides a unique experience. These classes are available across different train types, offering passengers the choice of comfort based on their preferences and the duration of the journey.

Sleeper Class

Sleeper Class is the most common and affordable option for budget travellers on Indian Railways. It offers comfortable berths in open carriages, with curtains providing a sense of privacy. Despite lacking air conditioning, Sleeper Class cabins provide a reasonably comfortable journey, making them a popular choice for overnight trips. Passengers can enjoy basic amenities such as bedding, reading lights, and charging points. However, it’s essential to be prepared for crowded conditions, as the Sleeper Class tends to have a high capacity. For those seeking a budget-friendly journey, Sleeper Class ensures affordability without compromising too much on comfort.

Third AC (3AC)

For a higher level of comfort and privacy, passengers can opt for Third AC. This class provides air-conditioned compartments with three tiers of berths. Third AC offers more spacious cabins compared to Sleeper Class, with a 2×2 seating layout. Passengers are provided with bedding, curtains for privacy, reading lights, and individual charging points. The increased comfort and relatively fewer passengers make Third AC a popular choice for long-distance journeys. Although slightly more expensive than Sleeper Class, the added comforts and privacy make it worth considering for a more relaxed travel experience.

Second AC (2AC)

Second AC is a higher-tier class offering enhanced facilities and greater privacy. With its 2×2 seating layout, Second AC cabins provide more room for passengers to stretch out and relax. AC compartments are enclosed with sliding doors or curtains for increased privacy. This class ensures a comfortable journey with amenities like air conditioning, individual reading lights, charging points, and bedding. It is a preferred choice for passengers desiring a higher level of comfort but without the extravagance of First AC. While the ticket prices are slightly higher than those of Third AC, the added comfort and privacy make Second AC a popular middle-ground option.

First AC (1AC)

First AC offers the epitome of luxury and exclusivity on Indian railways. It is the most premium class available, providing a luxurious and private journey experience. First AC cabins consist of 2 or 4 berths, each with an individual door for complete privacy. Passengers enjoy opulent amenities, including spacious cabins with large beds, personal reading lights, charging points, and an exclusive bathroom per cabin. Accompanied by exquisite interiors, First AC ensures a premium and elegant travel experience. However, it’s important to note that the ticket prices for First AC are significantly higher, making it a choice for those seeking the utmost luxury.

Special Classes and Seat Types

In addition to the standard classes mentioned above, Indian Railways also offers special classes catering to specific needs. First-class AC (FC) provides a mix of luxury and affordability, with cabins offering a more upmarket experience than second-class AC. Executive Class (EC) is available on some trains and offers a higher level of seating comfort and privacy. It is particularly popular on Shatabdi Express trains, known for their shorter journeys. Chair Car (CC) is a seating-only class often found on day trains, offering comfortable chairs with more legroom. These special classes provide varying levels of comfort and are worth exploring for passengers seeking unique travel experiences.


Indian Railways offers a range of classes to suit diverse budgets and comfort preferences. Whether you’re a budget-conscious traveler or seeking a luxurious journey, understanding the options available can help you choose the most suitable class for your needs. Sleeper Class provides an affordable and basic option, while Third AC and Second AC offer increasing levels of comfort and privacy. First AC takes luxury to its zenith, ensuring an elite and grand travel experience, albeit at a higher price. Exploring beyond the standard classes, special classes like First Class AC, Executive Class, and Chair Car provide unique opportunities for travel. With the plethora of choices offered by Indian Railways, passengers can find the ideal class to make their train journey comfortable and memorable.

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