A Motivation Theory To Try Right Now

A decent motivation theory must acknowledge that individuals are motivated differently. In several ways, neuro-linguistic programming or “NLP” technique takes this into consideration. A helpful NLP theory is the distinction between “away-from” and “towards” personalities.

Obviously, both forms of functioning are a component of how we work, but one is typically prominent in each of us. Those whose dominant motive is “towards” will be more influenced by ideas of future benefits. Those whose primary motivational style is “away-from” will be more impacted by thoughts of escaping pain or difficulty.

Why not take this quiz to see which motivating type dominates your character? Just read the following two accounts of what it may like to have millions of dollars.

  1. You are safe and secure. You are never required to return to your work or perform any undesirable tasks. You have the means to effortlessly erase the majority of your difficulties. You have everything necessary for freedom and comfort.

You have the home of your dreams and the automobile of your dreams. You purchase everything you choose for yourself and your companions, and you do whatever you like. You have the means to accomplish any of your objectives.

If the first description appeals to you more, you have a predominant “away-from” personality. If the second description motivates you more, you have a “towards” personality. There are advantages and disadvantages to both sorts. “Towards” folks, for instance, are excellent entrepreneurs, but they frequently get into issues because they fail to plan adequately to prevent pitfalls. “Away-from” folks are adept at managing tasks and avoiding issues, but they do less well while pursuing expansive objectives.

So how can you effectively utilise this motivation theory and this understanding about yourself? Suppose you are a “towards” person who wants to earn more money. You should visualise the things you will buy and do with the money, but you should also be conscious that you may be glossing over the issues. If you are a “away-from” type of person, you must constantly remind yourself what a disaster failure will be. Otherwise, you will lose motivation once you reach a comfortable level.

Obviously, when you comprehend these two motivating techniques, you may have more influence on people. If you were to sell someone a new automobile, for instance, you would first discover if they are motivated away from or towards things. For the former, you may describe how this new automobile would eliminate used-car difficulties and make life easier. For the latter, you would describe how amazing they will look in it or its capabilities.

You may experiment with this idea and practise utilising this information to persuade others, but don’t forget to persuade yourself. This idea of motivation is beneficial for understanding and influencing others, but it is most effective for self-improvement.

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